General Terms and conditions

1. Scope

Underlying general terms and conditions sketch the commercial relationship which could arise between a customer and company Medichin nv.

2. Acceptance

The use of the website as well as placing an order at Medichin implies that the customer unconditionaly accepts underlying general conditions.

3. Contact

Medichin nv is a public limited company, founded according to Belgian legislation and situated in Belgium, 3590 Diepenbeek, Groeningenweg 15. Medichin nv is registred in the trade register of Hasselt, company number 0431.756.304. Telephone +32(0)11 85 13 36-37.

4. Definitions

Services: all services offered by Medichin on the website, sales of products. Client: every person who enters into a commercial relationship with Medichin through purchase of a product. A client is supposed to be authorized to close a commercial transaction with Medichin. Order: every order made by a customer in accordance with the conditions described in point 5.

5. Ordering

All products and services as defined in point 4 are offered through website Products can also be ordered by e-mail to, by fax to +32(0)11 85 13 38. In addition to any other written statement that the client could have disposal of, we agree that only data registered through the website, by e-mail or fax are proof of our mutual communication, the nature of the order and the unity of transactions.

6. Prices and payment methods

Prices for therapists, pharmacists and all clients with a valid VAT number are mentioned in Euros and exlusive VAT unless mentioned otherwise. Prices for private persons are mentioned in Euros and inclusive VAT unless mentioned otherwise. All prices are exclusive transport and administration fees, these will be charged separately if necessary. For customers abroad with a valid VAT number applies the VAT rate from their country. For customers abroad without VAT number and for private persons applies the Belgian VAT rate. Medichin reserves the right at any time to change the retail prices. However, purchased products will be charged only as mentioned in the confirmation of the order. These prices are applicable at the time of purchase. All products remain property of Medichin nv to the moment they are paid entirely by the customer. Medichin reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom there may be a dispute or has been a dispute in the past. Unless mentioned otherwise, all invoices have to be paid by bank transfer within 8 days from invoice date. We also accept VISA and Mastercard. All not timely paid invoices will legally deliver an interest of 1% from the invoice date. To the amount due will be an additional charge from 12% with a minimum of € 40. For clients with whom there have been payment issues in the past, Medichin reserves the right to charge the amount due for a new order totally in advance. After reception of total payment, the new order will be prepared and shipped. In case of non payment of an invoice, all amounts due to Medichin will be repayable on demand. All orders that haven't been prepared yet by Medichin could be cancelled, even if they have been paid partially or entirely. Until the customer has fulfilled his payment obligation, Medichin reserves the right to defer all her own obligations.

7. Availability

All products and prices as mentioned on the website are valid within terms of availability. Medichin engages to deliver all orders as soon as possible. However, Medichin can not be held responsible for products which are out of stock, nor for any damage which may arise. In case of unavailability of one or more products, the client will be notified immediately by e-mail or telephone. Medichin reserves the right to reduce the quantity or cancel the total order if sold articles aren't available.

8. Delivery

All orders will be deliverd to the address provided by the customer at the time of the order and according to the general terms and conditions. Orders can't be delivered to a post office box. Every delivery is accompanied by an invoice or delivery document which mentions all details of the delivery as well as transport costs and VAT. Delivery will be offered to the client or any other person who is present on the delivery address. In case of non delivery due to absence, the transport company will leave a message mentioning possibilities to make an appointment for second attempt. The delivery terms are indicative and Medichin can not be held responsible for any delay in delivery of the products nor for any damage which may occur. All complaints related to delivered products should arrive per registered letter within 48 hours after reception. After this term, complaints will no longer be accepted. Individual prescriptions can't be returned. All standard products that don't come up to the clients needs or expectations can be returned, if the bottle is unopened and within 14 days after reception. All returned products have to be accompanied by the invoice and a description why they have been returned. If the sender of the return can not be identified the return will be refused automatically. After the delay of 14 days, Medichin can no longer accept any returns. Every return has to be sent to the address mentioned in point 3. Transport costs will only be refunded if the receipt is included. Every return has to be sent by carrier or by registered mail and the client should save the proof of this return. Medichin reserves the right to refuse a refund if the returned product is damaged or opened or if an individual prescription is returned.  In case of loss during delivery process and if all general terms and conditions have been applied, Medichin will send the order again at her own expenses if ordered products are still available.

9. Non Conformity

The description of the products mentioned on the website has been written to the best of our knowledge. Medichin declines every responsibility for any mistakes that may occur in the description of the products. On the other hand, Medichin engages to correct all mistakes as soon as possible.

10. Right of cancellation, returns, refunds

According to the law of July 14th 1991, conform the Belgian legislation relating to trade practises and the protection of the private life of the customer, and according to the changes on this law of May 25th 1999, every customer has the right to inform the supplier within 14 days after reception of a standard product, that he wants to cancel the transaction. The client doesn't have to justify the reason for this cancellation nor does he have to pay any compensation.This right of cancellation doesn't apply for professional buyers, only for private persons. The client has to inform Medichin by letter or by e-mail that he prefers to cancel the transaction. Conform article 80, §4 on the law of July 14th 1991, the right of cancellation doesn't apply for following matters: tailor made products or products that have been adjusted to the wishes and demands of the client, perishable products that can't be returned. In both of these cases the client can't return the product or claim any refund. The right of cancellation only applies if the products are returned within 7 working days after the client has informed Medichin that he wants to cancel the transaction.

11. Intellectual Rights of Ownership

All data and information published on the website remains exlcusive property of Medichin and of the partners with whom Medichin has an agreement. For that reason is duplication, publication, imitation or any other way of use strictly prohibited without written consent of Medichin. Any violation will be followed by legal action.

12. Responsibility

Medichin can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may follow out of the use of Services as described in point 4. Medichin can not be held responsible for the contents of websites to which Medichin has links on her own site. Medichin declines any responsibility for damage caused by a lack or misuse of a product. In case of non delivery due to circumstances beyond our control such as strikes or disturbances from postal, transport or communication services, in case of fire or flood, Medichin can not be held responsible. In case the responsibility of Medichin will be addressed, this responsibility will be limited to the amount that has been paid by the client for his order.

13. Disputes and Applicable law

For every dispute in accordance with the use of services as described in point 4 and in accordance with the general terms and conditions applies the Belgian legislation. In case of dispute, only the court of Hasselt is authorized.

14. Changes of the terms and conditions

Medichin reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time. As far as possible, Medichin will inform the clients regarding any important changes or adjustments. The users of the website engage themselves to take notice from these changes. Every use of services as described in point 4 assumes the inspection of the general terms and conditions. If an article from the general terms and conditions should be declared void or invalid by a judicial decision this does not affect the validity and applicability of the other articles.