Practical information

A. Prescriptions

It is possible to add up to 4 single herbs to an existing formula at no extra charge. 
When adding 5 single herbs or more to a formula or when ordering a prescription composed of single herbs only, a fixed preparation cost of € 5,45 + vat will be charged.

B. Tablets or powder?

All single herbs, formulas, formulas completed with single herbs and personal prescriptions composed of single herbs can be compressed into tablets of 300 mg at an extra charge of € 6,69 per 100 grams.

The minimum quantity for compressing tablets is 100 grams.

All herbs can also be ordered as concentrated powder. A bottle with powder is always delivered with a measuring spoon of 1 gram.

C. Concentration

In general, our products are 5/1 concentrated granulates.

D. Freight

All products are sent by mail or carrier.

Unless otherwise agreed, the freight cost is borne by the customer. Goods travel at the buyer's risk.

E. Returning products

Standard formulas can be returned if the bottle is unopened and within two weeks after reception.

Individual prescriptions cannot be returned.

F. Quantities

Formulas as well as single herbs have to be ordered by a minimum of 100 g or a multiple of this amount.

G. Payments

Unless otherwise agreed, payments have to be made to our bank account within 8 days after reception of the goods.

We also accept VISA and Mastercard.