Quality Control

A serious quality control may not be restricted to the detection of undesired substances such as heavy metals, pesticides and mycotoxins.

Obviously these tests must be done, but it is even more important to produce an effective extract and to that end a number of conditions has to be fulfilled:

  • reliable and actual knowledge of plant biology
  • up-to-date knowledge of modern extraction methods
  • long experience and reputed know-how in the field of producing herbal extracts.

Min Tong Pharmaceutical C° Ltd, a pioneer in Chinese herbal extracts, meets all these conditions. Their close and mutual cooperation with the famous China Medical College in Taiwan, guarantees an up-to-date knowledge of chemistry and pharmacology. 70 years of experience in producing Chinese herbal extracts vouch for a reliable and effective extract.

As in every field, when starting from low quality raw material one cannot produce a high quality product. Therefore the selection of the raw material is of main importance in the production of extracts. Not only the identity must be properly determinated also the presence of the active substances has to be checked thoroughly.

Medichin collaborates with a recognized independent Swiss Laboratory for testing systematically all imported extracts, individually, batch after batch, on :

  • identity and active substances
  • traces of heavy metals
  • aflatoxines B1 and total aflatoxines
  • organochlorine pesticides, organophosphorus pesticides, organonitrogen pesticides, pyrethroids
  • microbacterial purity.

In this way Medichin forces its supplier to effect these tests already on their raw material. Final products that do not meet the European standards are refused.